Square has today announced that their massively popular card reader is now available from Vodafone stores across Australia.

Square card readers are currently available for purchase at Officeworks, Apple stores, Harvey Norman as well as Optus. The addition of Vodafone adds over 1,000 outlets you can now purchase a Square reader from.

Ben Pfisterer, Square’s Australian Country Manager said

Our research shows up to 80 per cent of Square sellers had not accepted credit or debit cards before using Square, highlighting an existing gap in card payment solutions in the local market. With more than 2.1 million small businesses across the country, our partnership with Vodafone will allow more Australian businesses get access to affordable payment solutions that will help them run and grow more efficiently.

The additional availability will make it easier for small businesses to access payment hardware and services as well as their communications gear in one location. Vodafone will sell a contactless and chip Square Reader with a $60-and-above 24 month RED plan for just $5 – good value when it’s worth $59RRP.

In addition, Square will also waive the first $1,000 in card payments for new Square customers. Square normally processes transactions through the reader and into the sellers account with a 1.9% transaction fee, so this is a decent saving.

The Square contactless and chip card reader connects to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy, and you will of course need a Square account to use the reader, which is as simple as signing up on Square’s website.

If you’re interested in learning more about Square you can check out their website.