It’s finally here. After announcing on Tuesday that Google Home and Wi-Fi were coming to Australia, Google Home and Wifi are now available to order just about everywhere, as well as being on-sale in retailers around the country.

Google Store

The Google Store is now listing a new ‘Connected Home‘ section to house Google Home, Google Wifi so you can order both, or eitherfrom there. Pricing for the devices is, as announced:

  • Google Home – $199
  • Google Wifi 1-pack – $199
  • Google Wifi 3-pack – $499

Google is also selling the colourful Google Home bases as well from $59 each. There’s currently only the option for a Black/Carbon metal cover with a Copper metal cover listed as ‘coming soon’.

The shipping is free for Google Home, Wifi with a 6-8 day delivery window, or you can pay up to $23 extra for 4-6 day delivery for Home and Wi-Fi. The Google Home Bases are free to deliver too, but you’ll be waiting till the 1st-4th of August unless you pay $9 for a 6-8 day delivery window, or $17 for a 4-6 day delivery window.

JB Hifi

JB Hifi is all in on Google Home promoting the smart speaker on their home page.

JB has setup both a landing page that explains a bit about Google Home, as well as a product page where you can actually purchase Google Home. You can find Google Wifi for sale at JB Hifi as well if you do a search and again it’s available in a single 1-pack or multi 3-pack for $199/$499 respectively.

JB Hifi is offering both Click and Collect and home delivery (for a fee) on Google Home and Google Wifi so if they’re your store of choice you can head over there.


Officeworks is selling Google Home and Google Wifi as well on their website, you can expect to save a single $1 by purchasing the single 1-pack of Google Wifi from Officeworks who have listed it at $198, but the 3-pack of Google Wifi remains at $499 and Home is $199 as well.

Officeworks is also offering both click and collect in-store (if it’s in stock obviously), as well as delivery to your door for a fee.

Harvey Norman

We thought they would be on board and they are with both Google Home and Wifi in both the single, and triple pack are available to order from today. You can order for pickup in-store if they’re in stock at your local, or arrange to have one, or both sent out to you for an additional fee.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys aren’t to be left out of this one. Google Home as well as the single and triple Google Wifi packs are available to order from The Good Guys, with click and collect and delivery options available for a fee if you don’t have a store nearby.

The Good Guys has been emailing their mailing list members advising that Google Wifi and Home are now available for purchase, but they’ve aded a special offer:

Under the deal, you can get 50% off a Chromecast 2 if you purchase one at the same time as a Google Home. The offer is valid from today until the 23rd of July, so get in fast. If you want to check it out in more detail, check out the Good Guys home page.

Qantas Store

You’ll need to be a Qantas Frequent Flyer to buy from here…as well as insane, unless you have a bunch of points to spare to purchase. Qantas has Google Home listed for 37,250 points to purchase, or you can use the sliding scale to pay a minimum of 5,000 points + $180.89 – see, I told you: Insane.

If you’re deadset on purchasing from Qantas, you can head over to the Qantas Store website to check it out.


Telstra will be selling Google Home at their stores, and possibly online as well. We’re waiting on them to list the speaker on their site. Google Home is now available on the Telstra website (thanks David) and we’re also expecting to see deals available if you purchase a Pixel phone from them as well. Let us know if you see any deals available.


Optus will also be selling Google Home in store, it’s not listed on their website…yet, as well as online for $199. As well as selling it outright, Optus is offering a 4-month payment plan of $49.75 per month over 4 months with AfterPay.

Optus don’t have any Pixel phone to bundle with unfortunately. We’re waiting to see if they’ll be bundling the speaker with any phones on their network, so again, let us know if you see any bundles.

In addition to the outright offering, Optus customers will be able to bundle a Google Home with their new 24 month contract, effectively paying a little over $8 per month for a Google Home. It’s essentially a 24-month interest free purchase of a Google Home. It’s an interesting way to do it, but any way to get your hands on a Google Home at this stage right?

Everywhere else….

Kogan has been offering Google Home through their main site as well as their storefronts – Dick Smith and Tandy – for some time now for $175 + shipping. The power adapter they supply in addition to the one in the box is apparently a little funny, but if you want to use the default one with a power converter it seems to work fine. Kogan will offer you the equivalent of a local warranty on your purchase, but these are the US versions, not that there’s any difference. If you like this option off you go to one of these three options:

Yes, even Amazon will ship you a Google Wifi but not a Google Home (maybe try one of the Echo alternatives suggested when you search for it). If you want to go this option you can find it on their site :


  • AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping averages 9-12 business days – $9.92
  • AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping averages 7-11 business days – $13.75
  • AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping averages 2-5 business days – $36.57


  • AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping averages 9-12 business days – $18.45
  • AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping averages 7-11 business days – $23.70
  • AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping averages 2-5 business days – $47.95

BH PhotoVideo
For some reason, they won’t let me ship either Google Home or Google Wifi to Australia, but never mind if you can’t find it here there’s plenty of options above.

Are you ordering Google Home or Google Wifi? Where did you find yours?

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    Officeworks has a specific page for Google Home now:

    Jack Smith

    When news came down of Apple ending development of the AirPort line late last year needed to replace and chose the Google WiFi. Love these little guys. My daughter could never stream video reliably in her room and now she can which makes me a hero. Huge fan of Google WiFi but the bigger issue is if you have any AirPort hardware you should be looking at replacing ASAP. We just got another big Broadcom zero day. The last AirPort update from Apple was late last year with 7.7.8. We have had three major zero days since and if you… Read more »

    Ben Downing

    optus has a page up at

    can buy for $199 outright or $8 per month with a new service


    In related news, google assistant on the pixel has gained the home control and other options that weren’t there last night