If you like reading news that’s interesting to you, the Google Feed, formerly what you saw as Google Now is about to get a lot more personal with Google announcing today that ‘The Feed’ as it’s called will start showing a lot more relevant news for both Android and iOS users.

The Google Feed will continue to show you the things it always has, including news, sports and weather, but it’s more about news now – sort of a Facebook feed without the crappy ‘news stories’ about miracle cures that mad uncle Bill keeps sharing with you. Instead the Google Feed will start showing you news stories based on your location, as well as your previous search history and trending news from around the world in a bid to bring you news before you need to search for it.

Google says that they will be using their growing machine learning algorithms to decide what’s relevant to you, but if you use Google already, there’s a lot of information that Google has on what you’re interested in. You can refine this by either unfollowing a topic when it appears in your feed, or going into your Google app settings. A new ‘Follow’ button will also be appearing on a topic card when you search for it.

Google says that news stories presented may not always show viewpoints you agree with, but from multiple view points and you’ll also be able to fact check and see other relevant information about news stories in your feed. If you see a topic of interest to you in your feed, you can tap the header and go straight to a Google Search for that topic.

Google will be launching the re-vamped feed in the US today before rolling it out internationally ‘in the next couple of weeks’.

Source: Google Feed.
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    It seems just like an update for Google Now. Not sure what all this fuss and why the name change.