If you listen to podcasts and haven’t at least looked at Pocket Casts, you need to. The Adelaide based developers at Shifty Jelly have been cranking out some great work for a number of years now and they’ve announced a huge step, now offering Pocket Casts on Sonos.

According to their blog post, they’ve received a huge number of requests for this functionality for some time. If you’ve got a Sonos system in your home and want to get some Podcast flavour on yours here’s a couple of handy hints on how to get it setup for use. As noted by Shifty Jelly in their blog announcing the update, it’s in the Beta section of the Music Services section:

  • You’ll find Pocket Casts listed as a beta in the Music Services section of Sonos. On the desktop app it’s under the ‘Sonos labs’ section.
  • For the linking part to work on iOS and Android you need to make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of our app (v6.8 on iOS, v6.3 on Android).
  • Use of this service requires a Pocket Casts account. They are free to create inside our apps and we can’t do things like show your podcasts or sync your progress without one, which is why it’s needed.

Once you’ve got your Pocket Casts account setup on the system, playing your podcasts is as easy as you’d expect. Select your intended speaker or group of speakers and then choose which podcast you want to listen to. So far I’ve only had limited time running it at home, but the functionality is all there and I’m genuinely thrilled to have it there because I often listen to podcasts as I drift off to sleep at night.

This type of integration is a big step for the guys at Shifty Jelly and hopefully there is more to come.

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
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    This is a good start, but i would rather just be able to cast it directly from the pocketcasts app the way i can cast my google play music to my sonos without the need for the sonos app.

    Adam J

    The casting icon and Chromecast appear for me in Pocketcasts


    This is fantastic news. The podcasting story on Sonos has been weak for a while