After we highlighted a good deal for the Soundwave Transformers tablet yesterday, a timely leak shows that Hasbro and Xiaomi are partnering up again for another transforming tech toy, but this time a more useful one.

Courtesy of a leaker on Chinese social media site Weibo, the toy will this time be Autobot Optimus Prime transforming from a powerbank into everyones favourite Autobot leader. The toy will come with a shield (why has it got a big hole in it), with a sword that appears to light up courtesy of the seemingly functional power bank.

Xiaomi are quite famous for their powerbanks, just check OzBargain on any given day for a half dozen deals, so adding this to the line of toys is a great idea.

No announcement has been made, but I’ll be trying to get a hold of one of these to go with my Soundwave Transformer tablet.

Source: Weibo.
Via: Transformers World.