Need some order in your life for your gadgets while you’re travelling or just going about your business? The Black Ember V4 modular backpack may be just the solution.

The premise is pretty simple: You start with the pack and build your perfect bag for the day from there with the inserts or “cubes” that you need on the day. It’s highly modular and seems to be very well thought out but beware it’s not cheap to start with eg. The On the road kit costs over $300US and the cost will add up if you’re not too careful buying add ons so it’s not going to be for everyone.

What has me really curious about the Black Ember V4 Adventure Pack is the ease of which you can change your carrying capability as quickly and frequently as you change the gear in your bag. Daily I carry a fair amount of gear: laptop, tablet (yes I still use one heavily), powerbank, a variety of cables, an A5 notebook and a few bit and pieces that vary from day to day. Depending if I’m staying local, doing a day hop or even a few days interstate my carrying needs change a lot.

Having just gone through replacement of a number of pieces of hardware, I’m now looking at what carrying options suit me well so this one may be a serious option for me.

What do you look for when you’re shopping for a carry bag for your electronics?