+ Saturday January 18th, 2020

Google’s first AIY Project, dubbed ‘do-it-yourself artificial intelligence for Makers’ by Google when it launched in May, has arrived in Australia with issue 57 of MagPi magazine hitting newsagent stands around the country for $13.95.

The kit included with this issue of MagPi magazine is the Voice Kit which gives access to the Google Assistant SDK and Cloud Speech API which is a sort of Google Home mini, though you have to hit the button for it to start listening. The kit is powered by the Raspberry Pi Model B, so you’ll need one of those as well as the MagPi magazine kit, which includes the rest of the things you’ll need to complete your first AIY Kit – that’s right, there will be more of these.

Inside the box, as well as a MagPi magazine you’ll find:

  • Voice HAT accessory board
  • Voice HAT microphone board
  • 2x plastic standoffs
  • 3-inch speaker (wires attached)
  • Arcade-style push button
  • 4-wire button cable
  • 5-wire board cable
  • Cardboard Box and Frame to house it in
  • Lamp
  • Microswitch
  • Lamp Holder

So, if you’re at all into Google’s IoT platform Android Things, there’s an option to use this on the Voice Kit as well, or you can check out other AIY projects coming down the pipe.

You can see more about all this over on the Android Things AIY Project website, but if you want the kit start checking your local newsagents because it will sell out fast.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Michael Wilson
Ausdroid Reader

Has anyone been able to find this in need agents around Canberra ? I’ve tried at the mall in Belconnen and the news agent in dickson with no luck.

Ben Downing
Ausdroid Reader

will it work with a raspberry pi 3? also, is it hard to build?

Rob Hart
Rob Hart

Thanks so much! Grabbed a copy at my local newsagents.

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