NVIDIA has announced today that there is an update coming to the YouTube app on Android TV, or at least on the NVIDIA Shield Android TV consoles. The update enables 360 degree video to be viewed and controlled from your TV. We’ve checked our consoles as well as some friends of the site in Australia and thus far no update or 360 degree videos are to be found.

In addition to supporting “traditionally” produced 360 degree videos, the new YouTube app will support Live streams in 360 as well. Control of the 360 degree content, on the Shield at least, will be via the Shield remote or Shield Control, depending on which one you have. Using those you will be able to move the 360 degree point of view around the screen as you watch.

In addition to adding the 360 videos, the new YouTube app will apparently bring a redesigned sleeker UI, an enhanced full-screen view minimising the chrome and navigation bars in the UI as well as a revamped settings screen.

The new app should start rolling out “soon” so if you’ve got a NVIDIA Shield or any Android TV it might be time to start spamming the app update button, or if you know where to look and how to side load maybe you can just make it happen.

Source: NVIDIA.
Via: Techcrunch.
Thanks: Jamie S.