In mid 2017 the race for mobile customers is mainly about data. Of course for those who want unlimited calls and texts, most of the major networks will throw those in for next to nothing, in the mobile age data is the real commodity. Recently Telstra seem to have quietly launched an update to their Mx online-only SIM-only plan giving you 12GB of data for $50 per month.

For those unfamiliar with the Telstra’s ‘x’ plans, they are online only plans meaning that signing up for these plans means you won’t be able to get service in store or via the call centre. Any service issues you have will have to be resolved using Telstra 24/7 chat system or their crowd sourced web portal.

The updated Mx plan will give you unlimited national Calls, texts and MMS, 12 GB of data and unlimited calls and texts to standard international numbers for 10 countries listed countries: China, India, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, USA and Canada.

Being a Telstra mobile customer also gives you free access to Telstra Air Wi-Fi network (which can be very handy), zero-rated access to Apple Music for six months, 2 years free access to 200GB of OneDrive storage and 2 free rentals from BigPond Movies in your first month.

For many people Telstra’s network is the only viable option to get a reliable data connection; if you’re in that situation and this plan is an improvement for you why not contact Telstra and look at switching, or even negotiating a better deal for yourself?

Of course, if your mobile needs can be service by any of the other providers Vodafone is still offering 18GB for $50 while Optus has 15GB for only $40, and that’s without negotiating a better deal or looking at the MVNO deals on offer.

You can find the details of the plans here:

Or check out all Telstras BYO plans here:

How much data do you use a month? Let us know below.

Source: Telstra.
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Zeit Geb3r

I’m on SIM Only $40/15GB Optus 12month contract.
Telstra can’t beat that.

Tim Marshall

price wise they can’t or won’t but thats not the whole value proposition.
I left optus a hell of a long time ago now (2009) after being with them since 2000. the final straw was when I couldn’t make a call from either my home or my work place ~20km away even though both were in suburbs of a capital city.
when and if the number of blackspots on the network are comparable I will certainly jump over to Optus and their lower dollar value plans


The Optus network has changed significantly since 2009. It is awesome now, and the number of telstra only regional areas is rapidly decreasing as well. Particularly if you have a VoLTE phone, the Optus network is great. I left Optus in 2010, and I returned in 2016 and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of service I get. I do a fair bit of regional travel too, and I’ve been happy with it. However before you jump in again (if you ever do) I suggest you get a $2 sim card with a $10 recharge and test it for… Read more »

Philip Clark

What’s missing here is what your options are if you don’t want a lock-in contract. Regardless of if you see yourself sticking with Telstra forever and ever, if you start a contract now and you want to get the hot new phone that comes out in 3 months on a plan, you’re boned (unless Telstra allows you to move to a bigger phone plan mid-contract without termination fees, I’m not sure if that’s possible). I’m on a $40/m boost plan which gives you the full Telstra mobile network with 9gb/m data, you lose 4gx but I haven’t noticed a difference… Read more »

Dan Rayner

The lock in contract kills it for me.

John Bousattout

I’ve been on those BYO phone contracts for the past 3 years. No other contract on Telstra appeals to me. I’ve stopped getting locked in for 24 months. 12 months is good for reevaluation of contracts in a decent time frame.


finally! I am on Telstra for the necessity of wide coverage without dropouts and I see no handset I want yet ( wife and I are sticking with our S5s for the battery being quick swappable) but we were able to jump off our ~ 150 a month total of lingering plan from the S5 phones and drop to 50 bucks each a month (100 total) for a shared data pool of 16GB to use when we had 1GB each prior. if they keep adding value the price difference by network will no longer sting and will be a no… Read more »

John Bousattout

TimM, just quietly, you’ll be able to get something called a ‘Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan $50 – 8GB’ for $40 and 10 gig of data (8gig + 2gig).

Just ask politely online 😉

They won’t give you the Mx plan for 40 because they have ‘already discounted it from $60’ (Their words, not mine).

Also, a heads-up, if it hasn’t been stated already, Some new plans are coming out for home internet bundles that will offer a Google Home device for ‘free’.

Neerav Bhatt

John does Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan $50 for $40 incl 8GB+2GB require signing up for 12 months or is it a month to month agreement?

John Bousattout

Sorry for the late reply, it’s a 12 month contract.

I’m not entirely sure what they offer ‘Month to Month’. However, once you’re out of the contract term, it becomes a month to month for the same amount and specs.

It worked for me because I plan on buying my phone’s outright. The Pixel 2 looks the goods as my LG G6 is starting to get on my nerves. Performance has declined over the past months.

Tim Marshall

thanks for the excellent info John, I’m afraid I have no bargaining chip for them now as I signed onto the 50 dollar (8 gig each but shared pool of 16GB) plan a week back so I’ll be sitting here until there is a handset for our needs on telstra post paid 😉