Google+ has its fans and detractors, but Google is still serious about it and is looking for people to help test out new features.

In a post on Google+, Google has begun asking for beta testers to try out new features, give feedback to the Google+ product team and provide information to them on how you use their social network. Google is looking for people who are:
● Active poster on Google+
● Motivated to learn more about Google+ and contribute to product discussion
● Eagerness to provide high level feedback on our product

It’s been some time now since we’ve seen any real feature updates on Google+ and there’s currently a massive spam problem which we’d love to see Google get on top of. Still, if you love and use Google+ this is a great way to help bring the service you know and love up to speed.

To get in on the beta testing team, fill out the application form at this link, and see if you can get in on the action.

Source: Google+.