Google was offering a deal on Google Play recently which allowed you to purchase two episodes of a show for 99c each. This was sort of a good deal, but meant if you decided to take up the rest of the season it wasn’t econimically a great idea. Now it seems that Google actually takes into account the purchased shows and discounts the season for you.

The feature is listed on the Google Support doco for purchases on Google Play Movies and TV, with Google saying:

If you already own episodes of a TV season on Google Play Movies & TV, you may be able to purchase the rest of that season without paying again for the episodes you already own.

The feature is already present as an option for iTunes customers so it’s positive to see Google including it for their customers. The option is available for SD and HD TV shows, but not UHD – though UHD content still isn’t available through Google Play Movies and TV in Australia as yet. But, if you own SD episodes before purchasing the rest of the season in HD, the episodes in SD quality will be upgraded to HD.

It’s a good move, now if only they’d take movie purchases into account when buying a bundle of movies.

Source: Google Support.