If you liked the Optimus Prime power bank we saw last week, then there’s good news and bad news with the toy/tool going on-sale from September 8th for $50USD.

The power bank, which transforms into Optimus Prime will be sold for $50USD, but it’s apparently only going on-sale at Hasbro’s inaugural toy convention: HasCon, in September in the US state of Rhode Island.

The Optimus Prime power bank, which transforms fully from power bank to Optimus Prime, includes 2 3.6v 6500mAh batteries according to the latest packaging, and comes with a microUSB cable to connect it to your phone, or whatever device you need powering – including his sword which is now confirmed to light up when plugged in.

There’s no news yet on where, or if you’ll be able to purchase the power bank outside of the HasCon event, but we’ll be checking in with Hasbro.

Source: io9.