Huawei has just announced their Q2 results, but it’s the comments from CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu about their future in the low-end mobile business and the upcoming Mate 10 that caught our attention.

The Q2 results for Huawei are, if we’re understating, pretty good when you consider they did 283.1 billion yuan, or around $52 billion AUD in revenue in the first half of this year. That’s a lot of money, but Huawei sells products and services in a large range of industries.

The industry we’re interested in is of course mobile phones, and as the number 3 mobile phone shipper in the world, Huawei does a lot of business in that area.

One area that Huawei won’t be in for much longer is the low-end mobile phone business with Mr Yu saying ‘We are giving up the very low-end devices because the margin in this is extremely low, and it’s not making enough profit for us.’ Huawei made their name in the low-end device market, but of late they have been making more waves in the higher end market with the Nexus 6P, P-series and of course the very Aussie sounding Mate series.

The Mate 10 is the next major handset release we expect from Huawei with the Mate 10 set to be launched sooner rather than later – around the time of the next iPhone launch in September…<cough>IFA</cough>. Mr Yu did give some insight as to what to expect from the P10 when it launches saying

We will have an even more powerful product. The Mate 10, which has much longer battery life with a full-screen display, quicker changing speed, better photographing capability and many other features that will help us compete with Apple.

We’re pretty big fans of Huawei phones, even their lower end devices. There is heavy competition at that end of the market though with Alcatel, ZTE and now Nokia all vying for a place in that end of the market. As for their higher end devices, the Huawei Mate 10 will be very welcome when it hits our shores.

Via: Bloomberg.