With Google Home officially landing on our shores more and more people in Australia have access to and are using Google Assistant for fun and for information. One of our readers has been playing with Assistant this week and has come across some geographical anomalies, for instance, did you know that Canberra was in Connecticut?

As any Australian will tell you, Canberra (for our purposes) really is located in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and not in Connecticut USA. It seems Google Assistant is a little confused, or more likely who ever programmed in the geographic tags got a little cross eyed.

Test this out, ask Assistant “what time is it Canberra” and you get back “the time in Canberra, A Connecticut is 6:20 am on Monday” for example.

Other geography Google’s spoken clock seems to be confused over includes:

  • Perth = “the time in Perth, Washington” (with Australian Time)
  • Darwin = “the time in Darwin, North West territories”

The incorrect response seems to occur for any time request for a location in the ACT, NT or WA. Other requests like temperature don’t seem to suffer from the same issue, however they don’t specify the state in their response. In the end this is a simple programing or database issue and we’ll let Google Australia know so they can run it up the flag pole for fixing.

In the mean time let us know if you’ve spotted any other issues with Google Assistants Australian Knowledge, it’s all a bit of fun in the end. That said if Google knows how to move everyone from Canberra to Connecticut I think most of Australia would be on board for this, or at least the House committee on NBN would be a good start.

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Greg Lions

I think id prefer they would actually move Canberra to Connecticut USA 😉

James Brown

I think we the people of Canberra are quite happy here in our local progressive government/territory. It’s the federal government that is the one most want shipped to Connecticut…


Works fine on mine. Maybe this person was running in US English so they can get the missing features