In a bit of good news from the team digging through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) over at XDA-Developers, it appears we’re about to get Bluetooth Battery Indicators on Android.

It may sound unexciting, but the ability to check the battery level of Bluetooth devices such as your headphones, speakers, watches and more from your phone is extremely handy – especially if you’ve ever been caught with flat bluetooth headphones at the gym.

For people using Samsung, LG, Huawei and other OEMs or even developers who’ve put this custom feature into the ROMs for their Android devices this is nothing new, but for anyone wanting the feature not using these manufacturers it will soon be available on devices based on AOSP.

Exactly when we’ll get this new feature isn’t clear. We’re already seeing Release Candidate 1 with the Android O Developer Preview 4 now rolled out to devices, so whether this will be thrown into the final release of Android O is unlikely, but perhaps we’ll see it in an Android 8.1 release or maybe Google is saving this for Android P? Either way, with more devices removing the headphone jack and with Bluetooth improving with v5.0 a lot more people are moving to Bluetooth headphones this will be a very welcome feature.

Do you use the Bluetooth Battery Indicator on your devices?

Source: XDA-Developers.
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    Russell Fletcher

    I want to use it as my little meizu earphone don’t have any battery status indicators… not even a flashing LED on start-up.
    I tried an app but my earphones weren’t compatible… which i found a bit odd as their battery status shows up happily on iOS.

    Russell Fletcher

    Finally starting to see battery status in notification tray.
    Not sure if it’s just popped up or missed it… As had 8.1 for a while


    How do I get the bluetooth battery indicator on my Samsung phone?