Google has been working on building Google Assistant into Chrome OS with the intent to have it activated by a dedicated button. The leaks have been appearing in a number of entries in the Chrome OS repository over the last few months, now this latest leak shows exactly where the key will lie.

A tip was sent to ChromeUnboxed to an entry for a bug report that contains the updated Chromebook layout. As you can see, the keyboard will have a dedicated Assistant key lying between the ctrl and alt keys to the left of the space bar. Also pointed out are play/pause keys, and a System Menu button which would be a shortcut to the hamburger menu in Chrome – and maybe Android apps installed on the device.

When we’ll see the new Chromebook layout is obviously not announced, but likely we’ll see it on the much talked about ‘Eve’ Chromebook that could possibly be a new Pixel Chromebook. It’s about time to see a premium Chromebook get a launch, especially if they decide to sell it here in Australia.

Source: ChromeUnboxed.