Tuesday , June 5 2018

Samsung is working on a new wareable that’s part fitness tracker, part smart watch

Samsung has become a fixture in the wareable business, and they’re set to launch a new device if a new survey being sent from Samsung’s SmartLab program asking for opinions on a new wareable.

It’s not quite a smartwatch, and it’s more than a fitness tracker, so it appears to be a mesh of the two – sort of halfway between a Gear Fit 2 and a Gear S3, at least that’s the impression Samsung is giving. Rather than a survey on a product in development, the survey is talking about the marketing side of things, asking for opinions on the marketing of the upcoming product.

As you can see in the screenshots above, the device will be waterproof, have a ‘smaller body and thinner watch strap’ and be able to track activity, calories and offer sports and coaching advice including ‘glanceable widgets’. There will also be alerts including the usual activity alerts to remind you to move, as well as driving alerts to remind you to take a break.

When we’ll see this launched is anyones guess, but the Gear S3 is nearly a year old so it’s time to see what Samsung has to offer.

Source: Sammobile.

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  1. I have a Gear S2 and have come to the conclusion that these types of products are a waste of money. They have poor battery life, a poor user experience and don’t perform any function particularly well. Take the example of the calendar – click the calendar icon and you get shown all 31 days of the month and have to tap on the tiny, tiny number that is today’s date to see what’s happening today? Who designed that little beauty?

    And when it comes to fitness functions it’s even worse. I cycle to and from work and it starts tracking automatically, which is good, but as soon as I stop at traffic lights it thinks the ride is finished. Also, there’s no way of accessing a map of the ride, or the history of heart rates at various points along the ride. All it does is tell me at the end (which it can’t get right) what a good ride that was. That’s pathetic.

    And there are no other apps which I use regularly on the Gear S2 because there’s no compelling reason to. It can’t even tell me the time without fiddling around to find the button to turn the screen on because a lot of the time it fails to detect that I’ve raised my arm to show the display. I once tried a golf app on the Gear S2 – it chewed through all the battery in about 3 hours.

    The number one thing I admit I do find it useful for (other than telling the time) is alerting me when my phone is ringing but on silent. But that’s not worth $500.

    Unless some manufacturers can create some truly useful devices with decent battery life at a sensible price, I honestly think this segment is going to fizzle out.

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