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If you have a low data usage 4G enabled device Vodafone has a great deal on 10 GB of long expiry data (180 days) for $25, half the usual price of $50.

A perfect example of this would be the Huawei Watch 2 which is being released in Australia exclusively via Vodafone on August 16th.

If Android watches aren’t your thing you might want to use a long expiry data SIM in an LTE tablet or a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots are a great option for enabling your laptop to have data while mobile, without having to burn up your smart phone battery by enabling hotspot functionality on it.

If you have an Internet of Things device with a SIM slot then this data SIM could be perfect for it because usage is only counted in 1kb increments.

If you’re not already a Vodafone customer we suggest that you check their coverage in your home and work area before buying this SIM.

Source: Ozbargain.

Neerav Bhatt   Journalist

Neerav has been interested in Android phones since he bought the 1st one ever released (HTC Dream/G1). He has never bought an Apple product :-) His dream phone would have stock Android OS, fast high-res camera and swappable 4000mAh battery.

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