The Unicode 10 Emoji are now finalised, so the Unicode Consortium is now moving onto Unicode 11 and that means more Emoji will be coming to your devices soon.

There are 67 new emoji proposed in the new update which could be finalised in October this year, meaning we could see a release in mid-2018. The range of emoji spans Faces which includes a ‘Face with uneven eyes and wavy mouth’ which is totally drunk face, a hero/heroine as well as a bandit emoji and more.

Animals get a look in with a Kangaroo topping the list (yaay ‘Straya), as does mosquitos, Trash Pandas Raccoon, Llama and others.

The Body and Clothing categories get new emoji as well, as does the Food category with Salt Shaker, Bagel, Mango and Leafy Green making the list just to name a couple. Activities include a Lacrosse Stick (is that game really that popular?), Skateboard finally gets a look in and so does Softball. Science nerds will be happy to see Microbe (in the animal section), as well as Petrie Dish, Test Tube, DNA Double Helix and Magnet all included in the Objects section.

But there is one emoji that I think we’re all going to be happy to see included: the Frowning Poop emoji.

You can see the full list of all 67 Emoji in this PDF from the Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Consortium says that there are limitations on the number of Emoji being added each year (we saw 56 this year) and some not listed here could still make it into future versions of unicode after some revisions.

Source: Unicode Consortium.
Via: TheVerge.