Google Assistant could soon be available in more places with recent code commits pointing towards it moving to the web through the Chrome browser for Mac and Windows.

Google currently offers the Assistant on Android phones, tablets, watches, TVs and even car stereos through Android Auto, and if developments continue, to ChromeOS. A new commit to the Chrome development repo speaks of making Google Assistant available more broadly on the web. The commit is titled ‘Browser tests for Google Assistant Web UI settings’ showing Google is serious about bringing the Assistant to the Web.

According to sources, Google enjoys between 50-60% market share on average making it by far the most popular web browser on the market.

Google’s dominance in this area shows that they have a clear avenue to expanding the reach of Assistant to more users in a new area. Google of course is all about getting people to use their services and this would be an easy way for them to do so.

Just like their launch of Google Assistant on Chrome OS, there’s no launch date for bringing Assistant to Chrome, but it would be interesting to see how many people would use it.

Source: Chrome Repo.
Via: ChromeUnboxed.
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    Still waiting for Google Assistant on my Vodafone S7 Edge – Language: Australian English.

    Has anyone else received theirs?

    Ridiculous how Google makes you wait this long when they say it’s rolling out!

    Dean Rosolen

    FINALLY! Someone who shares my pain! Have an upvote. Seriously. Google need to communicate better on this front. Talking to support lackeys like some in the comments have suggested is not going to be helpful in getting an update on rollout plans. That info only comes from people higher up the chain (which outlets like Ausdroid have more access to than the general end user). If Daniel’s reading this, please try and get an update from Google on this. It’s been months since I/O (the last time Google even acknowledged the issue) and we haven’t heard a peep about Assistant… Read more »