Surprise! Google has another messaging app. This time it’s not a standalone app like Hangouts, Allo or Messages, instead it’s built-in to the YouTube app, with the intent to make it easier to share videos.

It’s part of YouTube’s plan to get people watching more video, or at least to connect with people when you find a video you like. According to YouTube, you can share the videos in the app, and chat about them with your friends and family with the videos you share showing up in the ‘Sharing’ tab in your YouTube mobile app.

It’s pretty easy to use, your contacts appear in the YouTube app Sharing tab, or when you share a video you get a list of suggested contacts with new contacts sent a notification.

The change to YouTube is very similar to other platforms like Instagram who have been introducing messaging (and other features) into their apps in order to retain viewers by keeping them on their platform. It’s quite easy to be distracted once you head over to a messaging app to discuss a video, so keeping it in the app is smart.

Source: YouTube.
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    I do appreciate their new function, but it will be really good if there is any download option 🙁


    Isn’t this just the messaging thing they started 6 – 12 months ago? So it’s released for everyone now?

    You cannot share (this way) from the web so it’s dead to me.


    So they just copy/pasted the sharing functionality from Photos. At least it works pretty well


    Does this mean you can no longer share videos with other apps?

    Perhaps this is google’s way of preventing easy integration with youtube downloader apps? I hope not.