It’s getting towards that time with Google set to announce the 2nd generation Pixel phones in the coming months. Of course the proximity to launch means the leaks are flowing and today the Pixel 2 (the smaller device) has shown up in the wild.

In a tip to GSMArena the leaker describes the phone has having a better in-hand feel, described as ‘sleek and elegant’. The phone has a slight curve to the display which you can sort of see in the front image, with the front-facing speakers there (as are the large top and bottom bezels).

On the rear you can see the camera which appears to be raised slightly and the flash right next to it. Underneath the smaller glass panel is the rear mounted fingerprint sensor. The rear is covered in developer markings, so no branding is visible but you can expect the familiar ‘G’ from the original Pixel to be present.

Looking good for the most part, now we just need to get our hands on one.

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    Just hoping Optus do the pixel 2 on plan and not just limted to Telstra this time.

    I seem to be the only person that doesn’t care about the headphone jack or the amount of bezel -.-


    Oh Yay. Google has finally got some #courage /s

    They must know how much crap they’ll get over removing the headphone jack. I won’t be getting one. Might see about getting an original Pixel with the $200 off imported from the US.

    Dean Rosolen

    Or you could drop into JB Hi-Fi and pick up a 32GB Pixel for $800. That deal is still going as I type this.

    Luke Vesty

    Why do people care about the bezels so much?

    Luke Vesty

    Some people are literally losing their minds over it, cursing Google in a tirade of expletives. It’s as though thin bezels is the most important feature on a smartphone… except it isn’t. Not even close.

    So why is there so much hysteria?

    Dean Rosolen

    No headphone jack = no buy.

    It’s that simple.


    I disagree with the looking good comment. Looks just like a nexus 5x from 2 years ago , Google have not progressed design wise.

    Tim Marshall

    I’d personally prefer they don’t bother to progress aesthetic so much as packing in features.
    was really looking forward to the battery boost of the larger model being able to fit a large cell and having something like the 835 with its power saving over previous 800 series chips but they’ve lost the headphone jack which is essential to me daily.
    kudos to them for front facing speakers I suppose!