We’re two weeks out from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and if you can’t wait till then to get a taste they how about downloading the wallpapers from the phone.

There are 13 wallpapers which have been uploaded to image hosting service imgur. The images are in the same style as we’ve seen previously on the Galaxy S8, and at least one of the images matches the leaked marketing image that Evan Blass tweeted out earlier this month that you can see in the header.

The images are 2560×2560 resolution, an odd size given the display is apparently a 6.3″ with a 1440×2960 resolution. Still, they look good, and you can download them all here from this gallery, or in a zipped file that includes them all from here.

The Note 8 launches in New York on August 23rd (around 1am AEST on August 24th) so tune in to see if Samsung can still surprise us.

Source: imgur.
Via: reddit.