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It’s taken a while, but Google has finally released an Android TV version of their YouTube Kids app.

The app was released today, and currently has a very low install base of between 10-50 installs, though that will obviously grow with this being a Google app. The app has an essentially identical description to the YouTube Kids app for Android.

The setup is essentially the same as well. You need to enter a code, you then get a little bit of on-boarding regarding reporting inappropriate video content (this is an app aimed at kids remember), and then you can choose if search is enabled or disabled. There are four categories at the top: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore, or if you’ve enabled it you can search for a show.

It’s certainly a little easier for kids to watch shows on Android TV now, so if you’ve been waiting then search for it on Google Play on your TV or set top box, or head to this link and install it remotely.

YouTube Kids for Android TV
YouTube Kids for Android TV
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
Source: YouTube Kids TV.