+ Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Looks like Samsung may have something to show off at the Galaxy Note 8 launch, with a new rumour suggesting that they will introduce Force Touch on the phone.

A new report from Korean outlet, The Investor, is suggesting that Samsung will introduce Force Touch, or maybe they’ll call it 3D-touch to avoid legal issues, on the Note 8. Force Touch is of course a feature which relies on pressure sensitivity in the screen, the harder you press can unlock different options for each application.

Apple has possibly the most well known implementation of Force Touch, but Huawei beat them to the punch launching the Mate S in 2015 with Force Touch included – though they never really developed the technology beyond the initial launch.

How it will work appears to be with the morphing home button that Samsung introduced on the Galaxy S8. The Investor says:

The force touch, also called 3-D touch, will use the same solution adopted for the current Galaxy S8 to replace all the functionality of a home button and open a hidden menu with shortcuts to different features.

We’re down to the wire here, with less than 2 weeks left until the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 in New York, though in that time we may see a lot more leaked.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Luke Vesty
Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

Both “force touch” and “3D touch” are very much Apple brands for pressure sensitive technology. There’s no way Samsung will use either name for whatever they’re intending to use with the Note 8.

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