With Daydream expanding to one of the biggest selling Android Phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Google is giving owners incentive to try out Daydream with a sale on Google Play.

There’s up to 60% off a selection of titles, though some aren’t discounted at all. They are all very well put together titles though spanning categories such as adventure, competitive games and puzzles. There’s even a great art title in Sculpt VR. The full list of Daydream titles recommended by Google includes:

Loads of exciting content to choose from with the discounts going until the 17th of August.

Unfortunately Google hasn’t discounted the Daydream headset which remains at $119 through the Google Store, which is a little disappointing given that it’s currently reduced to just $59 in the US.

Still, if you have a Daydream and a compatible phone now’s a good time to jump on board and grab some titles to show off VR.

Source: Google.