NextRadio has announced overnight that they have signed an agreement with LG to enable the FM radio inside their smartphones.

The dormant FM radio functionality will first off be switched on through software update in the US, Canada and Latin American countries, with NextRadio saying they will be working on updating phones in more countries as well.

The FM radio is an oft overlooked feature, but as Scott tells us constantly the FM radio is handy at live events such as the football where free commentary is provided making for a better experience at the game. It’s not just the football, but other sports and events as well and if you’re out of data or in an area with little or no mobile reception, FM Radio provides some tunes.

The access to the FM Radio will be enabled by LG in a software update, and you’ll then need the NextRadio app.

Paul Brenner, President of NextRadio said of the announcement

We are proud and excited to partner with one of the world’s leading smartphone providers to continue our mission of connecting and exposing users to a fully immersive radio experience. This alliance will give millions of consumers the opportunity to receive real over-the-air FM radio through their phone.

At this stage, LG Australia has not responded to our query on which, if any phones will see an update to enable the FM Radio. We’ll update with any new information when it comes to hand.

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio
NextRadio Free Live FM Radio
Developer: NextRadio
Price: Free
Source: nextradio.
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    Gregory Eden

    Australian models have always had FM available. LG even have one model with DAB+

    Gregory Eden

    As an aside the LG G6 is the bargain of the century at the moment. They are almost giving them away.


    Been enjoying my LG G6, especially for the price I paid

    The ONLY thing I dislike about the G6 is the lack of front facing speakers (coming from a Nexus 6P)