In previous years Google have released full version name updates to Android with a new device. This year that looks set to change with two credible sources confirming that Android O will be arriving on August 21. The second generation Pixel phones are not expected to arrive until later in the year.

David Ruddock, Managing Editor of Android Police tweeted out a few rumours the other day saying that Google are “planning some degree of spectacle” around the arrival of Android O. He said that Android O will receive it’s name on the 21st of August, although at the time he could not verify this.

He followed this up today with the following tweet stating that the Android O update for the Pixel phones is scheduled for this same date:

Not long after this was also confirmed by serial leaker Evan Blass:

It is very unusual for Google to be releasing such a big update to an old device when there is a new one in the wings. Could they be trying to get in before Apple release the iPhone? Or are they just releasing it once it is ready? Or, and I really like this theory, the Pixel MarkII devices are ready to go as well and they will be arriving next week as well; this seems very unlikely though.

Source: David Ruddock Twitter.
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    If they are really trying to tie in with the eclipse, I would have expected them to have booked a location in the path of the eclipse, and told journalists to turn up too.

    I still hope they go with a dessert name tied to ‘orange’ – even if it is an ‘orange oreo’, but not as much as I wish there were something worthwhile in the ‘new’ OS to get excited over.

    Manoj Bhandari

    Pixel MarkII; Canon would have a fit.


    The solar eclipse starts in “Oregon”. I think this almost guarantees Android Or will be called “Oreo”

    Dean Rosolen

    Didn’t Google do the same thing last year with Nougat?

    Luke Vesty

    Yep, I believe Android 7.0 was announced and then the Pixel launched with Android 7.1 a little later.