LG’s impending launch of the V30 has a lot of people excited, including the company themselves. LG has released a new look at the software features that will be onboard on the V30, including a new floating action bar.

The upcoming launch will debut what LG is calling “UX 6.0+” on the V30, which like the UX 6.0 on the G6, will be optimised for their 18:9 aspect ratio OLED FullVision display. The update to UX6.0 also includes more personalisation options that LG says makes ‘for a more intuitive user experience’.

The big news though is the new ‘Floating Bar’, which LG is using in lieu of an actual secondary display, a feature which has been a staple of the V-series to date. LG says the semi-transparent bar ‘can be dragged completely off the FullVision display when not needed’. From the graphic supplied by LG it appears to sit there waiting to be activated like ‘Pie Control’ or LMT in a semi-transparent shortcut to the side.

Also getting improvements is the customisability of the Always On Display. LG says the clock, Quick Tools, Music Player or a photo of your choosing can be added to the display

LG will also be debuting two new unlock features: Voice unlock, powered by Qualcomm Aqstic voice UI tech and Face recognition. Both methods of unlock will work with the phone in a sleep state, with no need to wake the phone or swipe the screen before using either.

LG will unveil the phone the day before the launch of IFA in Berlin on August 31st at around 5pm AEST. You can follow along on the live stream through their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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    Is this any different to Samsung edge panels?

    Greg McPherson

    I don’t quite get why I’d have an Icon bar on top of my homescreen of icons.

    Leyton Miller

    Any idea of the v30 is coming to Australia?