Huawei has a nice new product on the market, with a USB-C power bank on-sale now at The Good Guys.

The power bank (Model #: AP08Q) which appears to be both Honor and Huawei branded if you search for it around the internet, offers 10,000mAh of re-charge with support. You can charge using Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 with support up to 9V/2A for 18W of charging power through either the USB-C or microUSB port. The power bank has a USB-A port output for attaching devices.

The power bank has a battery check button and four LEDs on the side to indicate the current power capacity. The power bank also has a hole for you to attach a lanyard to if that’s your style, and it’s covered in a rubberised, textured 3D surface.

At $59 it’s not the cheapest power bank you’ll find, but it’s a brand name and offers you the support of a quick return to a store if something does go wrong.

Source: The Good Guys.
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    It says USB-C and Micro-USB input… do we need to know the output instead, or are they the same thing?

    The way I read that is that you can use either USB-C or Micro-USB to charge the battery pack…


    Bought one back in March this year from the GG’s.

    Square Eyed

    After my experience with the Nexus 6p, the Huawei Batteries which it contains, and the Huawei warranty experience, I wouldn’t touch this with a 10ft pole let alone spend money on it. As a result their name brand means nothing but dodgy products and worse warranty service.


    Agreed. I had trouble with my Nexus 6P and Huawei were terrible to deal with.


    Also agreed.