Samsung has released the latest in their T-series ultra-fast portable SSDs with the T5 now available to purchase globally, which includes going on sale in Australia.

The T5 includes two connection cables – USB-C to C and USB-C to A – supporting up to USB 3.1 data transfer speeds. These two connections will allow you to connect to almost any device from laptops to smartphones or tablets. The combination of SSD and USB3.1 means it’s fast too, with transfer speeds listed at up to 540 MB/s which Samsung says is up to 4.9 times faster than many external Hard Disk Drives.

The drive has an aluminium finish and is tiny in size, in fact it’s about the size of, though a little thicker than a credit card measuring 74×57.3×10.5mm and it’s a mere 51 grams in weight. It’s available in four capacities, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and a massive 2TB. The 250/500GB models come in an ‘Alluring Blue’ colour, while the 1TB/2TB will be available in ‘Deep Black’.

Samsung is also offering the option of AES 256-bit hardware data encryption with the T5 so it’s potentially secure if you decide to use it.

According to Samsung, the T5 is available globally from yesterday with Australian retailers for the T5 including Bing Lee, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks. As for cost, here’s the breakdown:

250GB $199
500GB $329
1TB $649
2TB $1,249
Source: Samsung.
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    Benjamin Dobell

    I own both a T3 and a T1, these drives are seriously amazing, in performance and value for money (when you compare against the competition). If you’ve got a USB3 port these drives will be *significantly* faster than an *internal* mechanical drive… significantly! If you own a laptop that has USB3 but limited internal storage, then these make perfect expandable additions. I use my T3 drive for Dropbox syncing, running virtual machines and software development (with massive project) and I never notice that things are happening on an external drive.

    Highly recommended!

    Anthony Klun

    It’s nice to have the money for one of these things, but the USB 3.0 mechanical drive still does a great job of backing up my data. No need to rush the back up process 🙂


    I always wonder, just like mobile phones, how much extra does it really cost to offer larger mem sizes over the smaller ones. I could defiantly make use of one of those 2TB drives 🙂