Finding out what a venue is like before you get there is hard, reviews are good but may not address all the questions you have. Now Google is rolling out a new feature in both Maps and mobile search, which lets you submit your own questions for people to answer.

To head off frequently asked questions, business owners can add an FAQ to their business listing. If you find a business and their FAQ doesn’t have your answer, you can submit your own. The question will get fielded by either the business owner, a Google Local Guide or just someone who has been there. Google says they will also notify you when your question is answered.

Google recently revamped their Local Guides program offering more levels, with perks, to regular users. That program offers a point which is added to local guides cumulative total for answering a question, and doing this is an easy way to level up, so there shouldn’t be a shortage of people willing to answer if the business owner doesn’t.

The Maps Q&A feature is apparently heading out worldwide. I’ve not found it on any local listings as yet, but it shouldn’t be too long. Let us know if you see it on a local listing near you.


    1. I’ve been receiving these push notifications quite often. I visited my doctor this morning and afterwards I received some questions regarding appointment times, whether there were toilets on-site, whether the place was wheelchair-accessible