Who knew there were this many financial institutions in Australia? Well, another five have this week signed onto allow their customers to use Android Pay.

The list of Android Pay compatible banks now numbers 52 in total, up from the just under 30 that signed on last July when Android Pay launched in Australia. The new inclusions are now listed on the Android Pay support site and the lucky customers of Australian Unity, Central Murray Credit Union Ltd, Firefighters Mutual Bank, Reliance Bank and UniBank are now able to use Android Pay.

While none of the banks have anything on their respective websites if you’re a customer of the bank it’s time to whip out that plastic and attempt to sign in. Reliance Bank does have a competition running where users of Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay are able to win $2,000 just for tapping and paying.

The last credit union to sign on to Android Pay, Police Credit Union, has now been added to the list as well.

One other change is that EECU Limited is now known as Nexus Mutual. Want to know why? Then you can head over to their website to read up on the changeover.

If you’re a member of these new banks then you should definitely be checking out Android Pay. Google is currently running a promotion for new users offering up to $1.6 million in gift vouchers every time you tap and pay.

To add a new card, download the app from Google Play and add in your card then simply start tapping at NFC enabled EFTPOS terminals. You’ll need to authorise any transactions over $100 but it’s pretty easy other than that. Happy Tapping.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Support.
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    I was told on Twitter that Android Pay is still in the works with 28 degree card’s digital team, but unfortunately no ETA at this time.

    Gregory Eden

    My Westpac cards are now working so St George cannot be far behind.