Winter is no longer coming. It is now Spring that is on the way and we all know what that means — hayfever. For those of us that suffer from seasonal hayfever it can be very debilitating but now Google has your back.

Google have noticed that this time of year brings an increase in the number of searches for pollen count so have decided to bring it automatically to your feed if this is something you are interested in. The premise being that if you know the pollen count you can prepare accordingly whether it is modifying your activity or medicating appropriately.

Google have teamed up with The Weather Channel to integrate their pollen index and forecast information directly into Google. These links can be drilled down further with more information gleaned by tapping on them.

To bring up the automated pollen levels all you have to do is search for pollen levels, pollen forecasts or something similar using Google. This will cause the Google app to give you a prompt to turn on automatic notifications of pollen levels. Hit the “turn on” prompt to enable it in your feed.

At this stage I was unable to get it working for Australia but I am writing this using a VPN to Australia from Hong Kong airport. Check it out yourself and let us know below if it works for you. If it isn’t here yet you would expect it to come in the coming weeks given Google’s penchant for worldwide software releases lately.

Source: Google Blog.
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This feature is adorable. It is also informative and will help students.


It isn’t working for me yet. This is definitely a welcome feature though!