+ Sunday November 17th, 2019

Google Home supports a limited number of streaming music options and until now only supported Spotify premium accounts. Tonight Google has added Spotify Free to the streaming services supporting voice control on Google Home.

Spotify is widely used in Australia and it’s lack of support for the free account on Google home was a big disappointment for many. The support for the Spotify Free accounts has been turned on today although it seems the app hasn’t caught up with this switch.

A Spotify Free account will now appear in the Home –> More Settings –> Music menu. You can then link your Spotify Free account to your Google Home and play music from it using voice control.

When you try to set Spotify Free as the default music provider there is a toast popup telling you that a premium subscription is required to listen to Spotify on Google Home. Dismiss this and Spotify Free is now the default streaming music account.

Hey Google, Play some Slipknot
Here’s a Spotify station featuring Slipknot

Even without setting Spotify as the default you can control a Spotify Free account using voice commands; they just need to be more specific.

Hey Google, play Slipknot on Spotify
Here’s a Spotify station featuring Slipknot

It seems then that even though the Google Home app still tells you that a premium account is required to use it with Google Home a free account can be used; this was confirmed with Google Support although they did say that you DO need a premium account for it to be set as default. My testing says otherwise.

Do you have Spotify Free and a Google Home? Give it a shot and let us know how it went.

Source: Google Support.

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