Schlage has announced this week that their Sense Smart Deadbolt is now compatible with Android devices with a new app to control the deadbolt now available on Google Play.

The lock has previously only been compatible with iOS devices but the expanded Android availability opens the availability to millions more customers. Schlage parent company Allegion is a part owner in iDevices, hence the iOS first approach with the Sense Smart deadbolt but will be launching simultaneously for both platforms in the future.

The Sense Smart deadbolt comes with a keypad, allowing users to access with a code entered on the lock’s touchscreen or by using a ‘virtual key’ on their smartphone. You can create (and delete) up to 30 unique access codes which can be issued to friends, family or even AirBNB guests to access. The codes can be scheduled so users can only use them when you specify, and they also expire when you wish. You can also get updates when the lock is used, or check the log to see past activity.

Though the lock has only got Bluetooth connectivity built-in, Schlage has released a Wi-Fi adapter for the lock allowing additional functionality including the option to lock or unlock the door from anywhere. This expanded accessibility brought by the Wi-Fi adapter means you no longer have to be nearby to check the battery life, or update settings.

The bad news is, the Wi-Fi adapter will not be released in the Australian or New Zealand markets says Schlage. The Wi-Fi adapter which plugs into a socket, is designed only for the US prong configuration and certification in our markets has not been passed.

The app to use Bluetooth function looks fairly straightforward with options to share codes, or Virtual Keys with guests or family through the usual Android sharing intents.

According to a Schlage spokesperson, the company has seen an increase in the popularity of their locks over the last few years with the advent of smart locks, going from a release once every 10 years, to releasing almost yearly. Two of their last three locks released have been ‘connected’ showing a growth in popularity thanks to a growing market with an Asian background in Australia and New Zealand used to connected locks. Schlage is currently working with a Korean manufacturer on future electronic locks which we should see in our market

While you can’t officially get the Wi-Fi adapter here, the locks themselves will work with the Android apps over Bluetooth. Once the Wi-Fi adapters are released in the US, we’ll check on the import options if you’re not worried about certification or using adapters.

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    If you install this in a strata unit you will be asked to remove it as it is not fire safety certified in Australia.


    Any update on the wifi adapter for nz?.. totally would make this great product even better!

    shelley osullivan

    I bought the wifi adapter while in the USA last year. Have just tried to use it in NZ and it doesn’t work. Not sure why – it’s very frustrating.