Tuesday , June 5 2018

ABC Science Conducts Australia’s Biggest Smartphone Survey

The ABC’s Science News division in conjunction with researchers from Griffith University, Murdoch University and Western Sydney University are conducting Australia’s largest ever smartphone survey and we encourage Ausdroid readers to participate.

The survey takes 5min or more to finish, whether you’re asked some questions will depend on answers to previous questions.

At the end of the survey you’ll be asked if you want to supply your email address so you can find out later this year about:

  • Results of this smartphone survey
  • A digital detox challenge over the month of September with ABC’s RN Life Matters
  • Information about future studies run by the researchers

The survey closes on August 25 and once the answers have been analysed there will be some early results in September – October. I’ve filled in the survey so will report back about results.

Source: ABC Science.

Neerav Bhatt   Journalist

Neerav has been interested in Android phones since he bought the 1st one ever released (HTC Dream/G1). He has never bought an Apple product :-) His dream phone would have stock Android OS, fast high-res camera and swappable 4000mAh battery.

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  1. It looks like the link works again.
    The survey was interesting but to me was way too focused on social media addicts than other types of users. I think it is still worth doing but may not get the results I would have liked to see in such a survey.

    • It was a badly designed survey, looking for confirmation of what those setting it thought, and ignoring that smartphones are not the only way to connect.

      Oh, and they didn’t even consider that people would use smartphones for maps, navigation and travel times. A pretty major oversight.

  2. Source link is broken.

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