Australian broadcaster SBS has today launched an update to their Radio mobile app offering an enriched experience for listeners.

If you’re not an SBS Radio listener, as you’d expect from one of the world’s most multilingual broadcasters, the SBS Radio app offers news, programming and information in over 70 language across their digital radio stations which include SBS Radio 1, 2, 3 & 4, SBS Arabic24, SBS PopAsia, SBS PopDesi and SBS Chill. This updated app unfortunately replaces the SBS PopDesi and SBS Chill apps, with users being directed to download the updated SBS Radio app.

The app includes an improved design and easier navigation to make it easy for you to find new content. There’s plenty of content to find too including live streams, podcasts, music, news and information in your language. Once you find your favourite content you can display it in a personally tailored playlist.

The app is also smarter, checking your phones language settings and displaying that for navigation in the app. You also get smart notifications when new podcast episodes appear, or they’re about to remove your favourite content.

For those who like listening to music, or talkback while you drift off to sleep, the new built-in sleep-timer will switch the stream off after a set time or after a program ends.

SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, Mandi Wicks said,

SBS Radio recognises that our audiences expect a more on demand content experience, on the device of their choice. With the new and improved functionality, the SBS Radio app caters to our listeners with a personalised experience tailored to their content and language preferences.

The app appears to have a fairly easy to navigate design, but I’m admittedly not a huge SBS Radio user. It isn’t quite what I’d call Android design language, there’s no slide-out nav drawer and the settings menu and 3-dot icon has an iOS feel to it. Comparing screenshots between the app store and Google Play shows there are differences though so it’s not a direct port, it just doesn’t feel like native Android.

If you like listening to SBS Radio this is a pretty decent update. You can download it from Google Play (or the iOS app store) for free right now and check it out.

SBS Radio
SBS Radio
Developer: SBS Corporation
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.