Google has seen growing adoption of Chrome OS devices, from education and in a more growing market in enterprise. To help enterprise IT managers maintain their growing Chromebook fleet Google has today launched Chrome Enterprise.

Google currently has great tools for Cloud customers, but this is more aimed at those not wholly Google-ised. A Chrome Enterprise license will set your IT department back $50USD per device, but gives access to a whole host of tools including ‘enterprise app storefronts, deep security controls, 24/7 support, as well as integration with cloud and on-premise management tools, VMware Workspace ONE’, as well as support for Microsoft Active Directory – a key component in most large scale networks.

Another nice feature is that Chrome Enterprise lets your IT admin specify which Android apps are installed on their Chrome OS devices – if they’re supported.

The full list of features includes:

Google is hosting a Webinar for people interested in learning more about the Chrome Enterprise on August 23, to sign up users in Asia-Pacific can head over to here.

Source: Google Chrome.