Huawei leak a Mate 10 image in their welcome message to Samsung

In case you missed it, Samsung revealed their new flagship phone overnight, the Galaxy Note 8, and in doing so joined the growing number of manufacturers to release phones with dual rear camera setups. This time, Samsung have been very late to the party and Huawei Australia decided to have a good-natured dig at Samsung today.

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Huawei have featured dual rear Leica camera setups since April 2016, something they have been very quick to point out. In their image of pointing it out they have also shown what appears to be the rear camera setup of the upcoming Mate 10. If this is the Mate 10 camera, previous leaks may well be wrong.

The Mate 10 is set to be announced on October 16 and in the image Huawei further troll Samsung by suggesting that the Mate 10 camera will be better than the Galaxy Note 8 setup; #beyondthegalaxy.

Huawei are very confident with the overall package they are going to be bringing to the table with the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. With both of these premium offerings we expect them to market them directly against the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 devices and they have already started their PR war. This sort of competitiveness is great for us as consumers; it means they are always having to out-do the other to gain our mind-share.

The Mate 10 is promising to be a great device and with Huawei improving their devices (and software) year on year we are confident they will be able to deliver on this promise.

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