Overnight Samsung announced the much-awaited Galaxy Note8 at an event in New York. The Note8 is a big, impressive device but it is not available just yet. Pre-orders for the next version in Samsung’s ground-breaking line begin tomorrow at 12:01am (AEST) and finish at 1159pm 21st September from various sources.

First off, according to Gizmodo, for the 51,060 Australian users who handed back their Note 7 phones Samsung are working with the various telcos to provide packages to upgrade them from their current phones to a Note8. This is expected to be in the form of an additional pre-order or purchase bonus. This story is developing and we will furnish the details as they arrive.

Samsung are also free screen repair on Galaxy Note8 phones within the first 12 months of purchase. Their “Screen Assure repair” needs to be activated by registering your device on Samsung’s mySamsung App by November 14.



Pre-sales for the Note8 begin at Vodafone at 12.01 AM (AEST) and run until 21 September at 11.59 PM (AEST). After this the phone will be available online and in Vodafone retail stores from 22 September 2017.

Prices vary from $41.63 per month over 36 months for the device and a $50 per month Red Plan with 16GB of total data (incl. 2 GB bonus)*. The phone is available on Vodafone’s interest-free phone payment plans the price ranges from $41.63 per month over 36 months, $62.45 per month over 24 months or $124.91 per month over 12 months or you can buy it outright for $1499. After purchasing it outright you can then choose which month-to-month plan you would like, beginning at $30 a month.

Customers who pre-order the Note8 will also receive a free wireless charging pad, valued at $119; redeemable online by 31 October.

Vodafone have also added extra incentive for those trading in an old phone via their new trade-in program. Customers can receive up to $200 extra credit onto their account if they trade-in their old device when purchasing the Galaxy Note8. That means if your phone is worth $300 you can get up to $500 credit to your account when you purchase a Note8. The $200 is only available when you trade in any Galaxy Note8 device. Those who trade in a Galaxy S5, 6 or 7 will receive $150 bonus credit and all other devices will receive $100 extra.

For more information head over to the Vodafone website.


Telstra has advised that they will indeed be offering the Galaxy Note 8 on their network, noting that the Note 8 will join a ‘growing range of gigabit per second capable smartphones on Australia’s fastest mobile network’.

Telstra pre-orders for the note 9 are now live with those pre-ordering before the 22nd September getting a bonus Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ and a wireless charger.

The plans on offer start at $109 per month and include unlimited Talk & Text and 2GB of data, but scale up depending on requirements. Telstra’s new Foxtel Now Pack inclusions start on the $129 per month plan, which includes 20GB of data (12GB + 8GB Bonus Data). If you want to include 100GB of data per month, you can also choose the top end plan for $199 which also includes three Foxtel Now starter packs.

Telstra is promoting their inclusions for their plans as well as the speed and reach of their network, with inclusions such as unlimited Wi-Fi at over one million Telstra Air hotspots around Australia and 20 million Fon hotspots worldwide, 200GB of OneDrive cloud storage, and unmetered streaming of Apple Music and every AFL, NRL and netball game this season.


Optus has updated their website with plans for the Galaxy Note 8 (thanks Stuart). My Plan Plus plans start from $90 ($40 plan/$50 phone repayment) per month which includes unlimited national talk and text and 1GB of data, then moves up from there. My Plan Flex leasing options start at $80 ($40 plan/$40 phone lease repayment) per month and go up from there.

The phone is available in Black or Gold as you’d expect with availability from the 22nd of September.

If you want to learn more you can head over to the Optus website, or check out the plans available in the widget below:

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is will have the Galaxy Note8 available for pre-order from 12:01am AEST on Friday, 25 August 2017 and is available on a range of plans which can be seen in the image below. For more information head over to their website.


Amaysim are beginning their pre-sales for the Galaxy Note8 on 26 August and will run until 21 September 2017. They are offering a “complimentary phone plan of up to 14GB for six renewals with the pre-sale of all Note8 purchases” with no lock in contracts. The Note8 is also available outright for $1499 or can be purchased on an amaysim payment plan of $69/month over 24 months or $129/month over 12 months.

All Samsung Galaxy Note8 purchases through amaysim also include a free wireless charger valued at $119. More information can be garnered from their pre-order website for those interested.


The Galaxy Note 8 will be available for $1499 outright from various retailers from September 22. Specific details will be added as they arrive.

There are a vast array of options out there for anyone looking to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and we recommend you shop around before parting with your hard-earned. More information on the above prices and plans will be added as they arrive.

Harvey Norman

Gerry is up early this morning, adding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 product page to their website. As we’ll see with most retailers, the phone will go up for pre-order tomorrow (August 25th) for the $1499 RRP with options to purchase the Black or Gold colours.

If you want to buy from Harvey Norman you can check it out on their site


As the sister site to Harvey Norman, it doesn’t surprise us to see that Domayne also has their Galaxy Note 8 product page live as well. Domayne will also sell the Note 8 in either Black or Gold colours at the RRP of $1499, so if your preference is for Domayne you can check it out on their website now.

Joyce Mayne

Looks like all the Harvey Norman sites are up early with Joyce Mayne going live with their product page too. It’s a familiar story, you can pre-order the Galaxy Note 8 for $1499 in either Black or Gold from tomorrow.

Head over to Joyce Mayne if you’re keen.


JB HiFi has added the Galaxy Note 8 to their website now, with the phone available to pre-order in Black or Gold for $1499.

JB Has listed the ETA delivery for their orders specifying devices will leave their Victorian warehouse 1 day before the official launch date (22nd September). Standard delivery times will apply on deliveries.

Bing Lee

Bing Lee has also opened up their pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8. Again, they’re offering the Black or Gold colour option for $1499.

The pre-order redemption bonus for a wireless charger is included (as it is with all the above offers) via redemption from Samsung.

Bing Lee does appear to be offering either Click and Collect from your closest store, or delivery for the Note 8, so you could pick it up in-store on September 22nd.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys have thrown open their pre-orders as well. You can get the Black or Gold model for $1499 and as usual you qualify for the pre-order bonus of a wireless charger.

If you want to buy from The Good Guys, then head over to their Galaxy Note 8 landing page now.


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Looks like Telstra will be adding a Galaxy Tab S2 as a preorder gift, based on the badly disguised “gift” on the Note 8 EOI page.

David Jones

Has anything more been made public about getting bonuses or discounts for Note 7 users? I got the Note 7 on launch day in August last year and had to re-contract on a new 2 year contract each time my Note 7 was replaced. So I am now not eligible to get my annual update until mid October, meaning I have to miss all the launch offers! Not happy, so I was thought the proposed offers for Note 7 users might help here. But nothing more seems to have been published since the original date of this article. I went… Read more »


Such a great phone yet such a small battery for a device with a 6.3 inch screen and so much hardware, .samsung has gone backwards with their battery in this phone and the price it’s outrageous,these phones are superceeded within 12 months how can one justify such high prices. .in today’s world the battery should be getting bigger .i dont want to charge my phone very single day . Will wait for mate 10 and Apple new phone

Tim Marshall

shame isn’t it. the way I originally heard of them (and lots of people I’d imagine) was that they were ludicrously big for that era ( ~2011) but that they were THE phone to buy if you wanted the best battery life because though the screen on time was similar to others (battery to screen size ratio) the standby time was phenomenal. now there are midrangers available for one third or one quarter the price of this that have smooth performance at 1080p, bigger battery capacity and FAR more efficient processor for sipping battery. unfortunately they all seem to have… Read more »


If only they waited for Android 8!!


$1499 and a 3300mah battery with 6.3 screen? I be waiting for Mate 10.


$1499? We’re really losing the plot in terms of pricing of high end smart phones these days.

Thanks, but no thanks Samsung.

Tim Marshall

I bet the initial price is them trying to recoup what they lose in giving Note 7 owners that massive discount i.e. it knocks the phone down to the price of manufacture for those people.

if i bought the thing I’d be constantly terrified of dropping it or finding stuck pixels