Along with the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has released a whole heap of accessories for the phone which predictably includes a lot of different style cases – and the DeX desktop dock.

We’ve pretty much seen all these before, but it’s good to see what’s available. There’s no pricing for the cases as yet, but we should see more information about these in the days to come.

Clear View Standing Cover

The marketing spiel for this one reads:

More than just protection, this cover also holds your Galaxy Note8 at an optimal angle for viewing media on the Infinity Display. Its dedicated UX makes it easy to check alerts, take calls, and more, all without opening it up.

The case appears to be available in the standard Black, Gold, Blue and Orchid Grey.

LED View Cover

This one is another older case which has been re-vamped for the Note 8, you can see your details through the case. Here’s the description:

Check your phone and notifications at a glance with the LED display, and even assign custom icons to your contacts to personalize the caller ID. And with a card pocket on the interior, you can keep your important items—your phone and a banking or transit card—in one convenient spot.

The case will be available in the standard Black, Gold, Blue and Orchid Grey colour options that the Note 8 comes in, but with only Black and Gold Note 8 models on-sale in Australia the different colour combinations may look odd.

Alcantara Cover

This looks like a premium cover, though it’s suede-like and not suede so you’re safe. The washability of the case is a plus at least from my previous cases getting filthy. The description for the Alcantara reads:

Protect your phone with the luxurious texture of soft, suede-like Alcantara. Covered with the material inside and out, this case is also durable because it’s scratchproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water.

The Alcantara is washable and comes with the distinction of offering a larger array of colour options including a lovely green.

2Piece Cover

Samsung’s suction cup attaching cover they introduced for the Galaxy S8/S8+ is back. The cover comes in two pieces and protects the corners of your Note 8 while remaining fairly minimal. The description:

Its fun and eye-catching geometric shapes not only protect the corners of your Galaxy Note8, this cover provides a playful vibe while maintaining the comfortable grip. The matte plastic is protective and easy to attach or detach with micro suction pads.

There are only three colour options for the 2 piece cover which may make for awkward colour combinations if you buy the Gold Note 8.

Protective Standing Cover

If you’re a clumsy oaf like myself, the Protective Standing Cover which is certified MIL-STD-810G-516.7 compliant is the one you’ll want. The downside to this cover is you’ll need to take it off to wirelessly charge your phone, but it’s going to be well protected.

Keep your phone safe from damage and keep a full view of the Infinity Display with this military-grade protective cover. A kickstand in the back holds your phone up while you watch videos and pops off when too much pressure is applied so it doesn’t break.

The phone comes in Black and Blue only, so again, Gold Note 8 customers get a bit done over here.

Clear Cover

Let’s face it, some people buy phones because of how they look and hiding that behind a clunky cover isn’t ideal. The Clear Cover case lets you show off your phone while still maintaining some basic protection.

Add a layer of protection but let the color and design still shine through. At only 0.95 mm thick, it keeps the Galaxy Note8’s shape and comfortable grip intact while adding a high-gloss finish.

Wireless Charger Convertible

With Wireless charging a big dot point in the Note 8’s favour for many people, you’ll want a good charger and the Samsung branded wireless charger will let you charge your phone fast, in whatever orientation you want to.

Just place your Galaxy Note8 on this wireless charger to get back to 100% without missing a scene. It’s easily adjustable to be a pad or a stand: lay your phone flat or prop it up in portrait or landscape mode so you can keep watching or chatting while you charge.

The charger comes in Black or ‘Couch Brown’, so pick your poison.

Battery Pack

Finding a USB-C battery bank can be hard in Australia but Samsung has them. It’s 5,100mAh in size so only really good for a top-up, but we’re hoping the battery life on the Note 8 will be pretty good anyway – but we’ll wait for reviews to find out.

When you’re on the go, this battery pack is an easy way to keep your phone powered. Stylish and slim enough to slip into a bag or a pocket, it’s charged up quickly and charges your phone just as fast.

We’ll be keen to check out the cases and other accessories at the local launch here in Australia in the next couple of weeks. The phone is up for pre-order from August 25th from most carriers and retailers and you can find out more on your favourite outlet here on our Galaxy Note 8 buying guide.