Want to keep the kids entertained? How about grabbing a Medion DVD Player with built-in Android tablet from Aldi next Wednesday, the 30th of August.

At first glance, a DVD Player isn’t the best idea in this age of Streaming Video on Demand, but at second glance if you have kids then a DVD player with a built-in Android tablet is a great idea. DVDs are cheap, and if you need to you can just copy movie files over or connect them to Wi-Fi for YouTube, Netflix or just let them play games.

The Medion branded player has a 7″ 1024×600 resolution digital touch display with up to 2.5 hours playback – enough for a DVD – or 4 hours of tablet gaming – but don’t worry, it also comes with both an AC, as well as car power adapter as well.

It’s powered by a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM and comes with 8GB of on-board storage and yes, it has a card reader (but they don’t say what type). A headphone jack will let you get some peace and quiet with a pair of kids headphones included, or the kids can watch a video using the stereo 1.5w speakers.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n), GPS it’s got all that and of course, it has a DVD Player (Region 4 encoded).

Also included with this deal is an OTG USB cable, a headrest holder for the tablet so the kids don’t drop it while watching a video and a carry bag.

It’s running Android 6.0 and comes with a custom UI to play DVDs which the Medion site describes as ‘User-friendly, multilingual OSD (On Screen Display)’.

For $149 it’s under-powered but well worth it if you have a couple of kids and a long car trip coming up. Check it out on the Aldi Special Buys website or head in-store next Wednesday.

Source: Medion.
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    This product won’t play most DVDs as it has a region locked function. This fault is not advertised.


    This looks like it’ll break within a few weeks of taking it out of the box. The specs are woeful and it doesn’t seem to use a standard micro usb charger. If a kid has a tablet, why would they use DVDs?


    8GB of storage? Urgh. My son has a cheap tablet with 8GB of storage and it’s a complete pain to be continually needing to manage data between that and the micro-USB card in it. I’ll never again buy a device with less than 32GB for my kids, or 128GB for me.