How’s that postal plebiscite on marriage equality? A waste of $122 million or, no…that’s about it. If you need some prep before you vote yes to make marriage equal in Australia, try out Going Postal a retro, 8-bit online game.

The web based game, which can be found at, inserts hurdles between you and your ‘Yes’ vote being posted. All you have to do is jump these hurdles to make it to the post box. Just as in real life, hurdles include a conservative, budgie-smuggler wearing, deposed ex-Prime Minister, our current, almost as unpopular Prime Minister, a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and plain old rocks.

The game was created by Agency, a creative studio for social change, to keep the marriage equality vote at the forefront of peoples minds in the three weeks we have left until Australians receive their postal ballots.

The game isn’t hard to complete – just like voting Yes to give people the right to love and marry whomever they want – but it’s fun.

The opportunity to check your address for the vote with the ABS closed at midnight last night, so we’re hoping you checked your details before hand.

While normally we stick to tech subjects, this is one subject the Ausdroid team supports wholeheartedly. Vote yes to the marriage equality survey and tell those politicians to get on with the job.

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    Craig Mitchell

    I really hope it’s easier to get my Yes vote in than finishing that game.


    I personally don’t give two shits about who marry’s who. If two guys or two girls want to marry each other, then for fucks sake let it be.

    What really grinds my gears, what really frustrates the absolute shit out of me is the amount of time, money and resources the government is pouring into this issue. It is absolutely-fucking-ridiculous and as a tax payer, I’m furious.

    Completely, utterly, 100% unnecessary in every single fucking way you want to try and spin it.

    Chris Rowland

    Absolutely agree; there’s zero need for the public to foot a $122m bill for the LNP to – ultimately – achieve nothing. They could allow a free vote on this tomorrow, for next to zero cost, and still achieve the same outcome. It’s a waste of time and money, only because they should just legislate for it today and get on with it, instead of fostering hurtful public debate for the next few months.

    Damien Robinson

    My partner of 21 years and I are travelling to the US next month to marry. Because we are both men we can’t marry the person we have commited to for life in Australia. We are committed to each other, pay tax, are not a burden on society, make it richer. The marriage act has been changed 23 times without need of a postal survey. Some of these changes were big- the right to marry across race, that women aren’t property of men and that a husband is no longer allowed to rape his wife. I am a second class… Read more »


    I vote No


    I come here for tech news. there are other avenues for political debate.


    Google (you know, the guys who make Android) disagree with you, they think this issue is critical for the tech industry

    Chris Rowland

    Our site, we can say whatever we like. What we like is equality for all.

    Manoj Bhandari

    Bigger fish to fry. The vote is No.


    So explain how you think No is a valid response ?

    Chris Rowland

    Given this fish has been given to us to fry because our spineless politicians won’t do their job of legislating, I’m advocating a position of tolerance for everyone’s preferences which, overwhelmingly, are not choices but simply how people are wired.

    This is, for all the hoorah, an issue that affects proportionately few people, requires us to do very little, and affects the entire population minimally while extending important rights to a segment of society that has been mistreated, criminalised and marginalised for years. I can’t see a single coherent argument to vote against it here or anywhere else thus far.


    Well said. This is a $122 million dollar survey to resolve a LNP internal issue, that is the right to a free vote on the issue.
    It is beside the point that in a democracy all polies should have a free vote and the Liberal party is based upon these values.
    In essence this is our PM using public money to use a back handed manner to resolve an issue that he is too weak to do himself.


    There are plenty of arguments for traditional marriage and they are pretty damn coherent. Anyone who doesn’t see this working against religious freedoms, freedom of speech (as can be seen in many countries that have legislated it), slippery slope is obvious and real and anyone who thinks otherwise is IGNORING the truth of all these matter presented by the no side. It’s not as simple as love and “equality”, you can extend rights to marginal groups without redefining marriage and the whole dictionary that comes with it.. anyway this is an android site so i’ll drop it at #it’s okay… Read more »


    Sorry but there is no single coherent argument at all. So far all are based upon lies by Christian bigots. Your very argument is baseless and completely copied from the Tony Abbott lie book. The slippery slope does not exist, in EVERY case where same sex marriage has been legislated there has not been a single issue in fact things are better. Using your argument allowing blacks to marry whites is wrong. Sorry but your “truths” are lies.. Marriage is a legal construct, it is not owned by the church, the children are well and truly already thought of. Where… Read more »

    Chris Rowland

    I can only vote this up once, but very well said Chris.


    Sorry but you’re easily the more bigoted in this discussion. Calling an argument flawed doesn’t prove it’s flawed. Just like calling a gay guy straight doesn’t prove he’s straight. In any case people being sacked from their jobs or bakers sticking with their religious beliefs being sued is easily enough to say the rollout of marriage equality hasn’t led to a zero issue situation. How exactly does this slip to racism? The construct of marriage I believe in and want as law is obviously not the one you agree with. Yeah it’s fine if children get adopted by gay couples… Read more »

    Chris Rowland

    I have zero issue with religious freedom. If a Christian priest (or whatever) opts not to marry people who aren’t one woman and one wife, then that’s his choice, but it shouldn’t mean that society has it decided that NO man can marry another man (or whatever else). As for freedom of speech… you’re entitled to spout your beliefs, just as I’ll spout mine. The difference is, I spout the belief in equality and the freedom of two consenting adults to marry, regardless of what’s between their legs. Give me one coherent reason why the legislated definition of marriage should… Read more »

    Allan Thomas

    How politically correct! I’ll be voting no!


    I vote no on your right to marry as well.


    i come for the android content, i stay for the politics


    actually that’s not true i stay for more android content but you get my point


    Omg that’s awesome