Tuesday , June 5 2018

New look at Bisto and what it could possibly be

New information on the Google Assistant powered headphones being referred to as ‘Bisto’ by Google surfaced earlier this week, and now there’s a little more information – as well as some speculation about what they could be.

The new information was again found by 9to5Google, who found an animation of Bisto working on a set of over-ear headphones. The animation as well as strings in the Google App beta, show that a button will be pressed to activate the Google Assistant – a good thing when privacy concerns over Google always listening are raised.

The animation looks like this:

As for speculation, it’s possible that Bisto could not be a Google device, but a whole new class of devices from partners. Codenames for Google built, or designed devices (Nexus, Pixel etc.) have generally been fish based: Marlin (Pixel XL), Hammerhead (Nexus 5) etc. but Bisto doesn’t really have a fish equivalent – so maybe it’s not a device, but a new range of devices from third parties that are powered by Google Assistant.

A new pair of updated, but as yet unannounced Bose QC35s could actually be one of these new headphones with a mystery button showing on the new cans. The Verge caught the leak in an email newsletter and noted the button on the side which looks like this:

We could possibly see a whole range of new devices launched in the Bisto class at the Pixel event rumoured for October 5th, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: 9to5Google.

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  1. An over/on ear design is going to be a major fail. While this form factor has increased in popularity the mainstream still favours the understated look of buds.

  2. It’s all gravy to the mill.

    Thing is, we know that google is doing the stupid thing and getting rid of the headphone socket. So they are going to have to look like they are doing it for a sane reason, and that there’s some benefit – and some kind of headset is virtually required. Sticking assistant on everything is a no brainer for google.

    We also know there is a bluetooth device in the FCC, running BT LE

    The bit that doesn’t make sense is making it an ‘over the ear’ design. Overpriced ear buds are much more what you would expect to answer apple.

    So here’s a thought, what if the ‘Bisto’ is taking the 3G watch hardware, and bolting it into a headphone setting. You control the thing via voice, and it can stream from play directly to the headphones, no phone involved. You can also do watch type things, but with a voice interface. You can see the market for it, and it then makes sense of the bulk of the ‘over the ear’ design. There might be another design for just the headphone socket replacement.

    • I have no issue with getting rid of the headphone jack. Though I do sometimes use a wired headset, generally I’m all about the Bluetooth 🙂

      BT headphones for music, BT headset for calls.

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