For years many of us have wanted OnePlus to sell their phones directly to us. This year we heard whispers that they were certainly looking at Australia as a possible market to break into. Recently they told us that they would be entering our market with a tentative launch. That soft launch starts now.

By now anyone who is a phone enthusiast knows about OnePlus and the phones they produce. Their aim is to produce a phone that gives the best user experience to phone enthusiasts. This year’s OnePlus 5 could well be their best ever phone based not only on our reviews but others’ as well. Our review on it went live at the same time as this post and you can check it out here if you are interested in our thoughts. The TL;dr version is: buy it now, it’s awesome value.

For detailed information on the soft launch and what you can and cannot buy you can check out our announcement post from last week. Prices listed below are soft launch prices only and are not indicative of future prices.

  • The phones which will be offered for sale here in Australia are the OnePlus 5 with 6GB RAM/64GB storage variant in Slate Gray and Soft Gold colours for A$599 and the 8GB RAM/128GB storage variant in Midnight Black and Slate Grey colours for A$699.
  • Every purchase of a phone receives a free Sandstone Protective Case
  • Accessories that can be purchased can only be purchased if you buy a phone at the same time
  • Stock is limited
  • The soft launch OnePlus 5 comes with their standard two year warranty. There is also the option to return the phone for an approved reason within fifteen calendar days of delivery for a full refund. Repairs/replacements will take 12-13 days during this period.
  • The soft launch OnePlus 5 comes with a UK Type G plug charger
  • OnePlus are only selling the phone to mainland Australia which includes Tasmania. New Zealand misses out at this stage
Key Specifications:OnePlus 5
Release date
  • June 27
  • 2017
Screen size5.5-inch
Screen technologyOptic AMOLED
Resolution1,920 x 1,080
Rear cameraDual 16MP + 20MP Telephoto
Front camera16MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 835
Core config
  • 6GB
  • 8GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB
Battery3,300 mAh
Battery removable
ConnectorUSB C
Headphone PortYes
Headphone LocationBottom
Speaker Configuration
Android OSAndroid 7.1
Vendor skinOxygenOS
Dimensions152.7 x 74.7 x 7.25 mm
  • Slate Grey
  • Midnight Black

The phone is a beast and is well worth the money with the pricing being incredibly competitive. Time will tell on how OnePlus fare with their delivery, warranty, service and updates but if you are someone who doesn’t mind taking a small risk when buying a phone then this may well be the one for you. Head on over to the OnePlus website and buy one now before the limited stocks run out. If you are still on the fence check out the Ausdroid review and then see if you can resist.

Anyone taking advantage of this soft launch? Did you buy any accessories? Are you waiting until they release an AU plug version?

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Dicky See

Ordered mine but now it’s stuck in delivery
Uncontrollable Clearance Delay DHL Express
Can’t wait to get it, I’m running Pure Nexus on my Nexus 6 with Franco Kernel but it’s getting a little laggy now.
Going to miss the size and resolution…


If they don’t provide an invoice, can you still claim this on tax? Silly q?

Luke Roberts

@Scott Plowman – what is the camera like in comparison to say S7 or Pixel? Reason I ask is that there have been varying reports from other people on how well ( or actually how lack of well ) the camera performs despite great on paper specs. The whole EIS vs OIS thing is the main gripe. Just interested to see if software updates since it launched have changed?




How is the screen? To go from a Nexus 6P with a 1440p screen to 1080p screen seems like a major downgrade to me


If only i needed a new phone right now but my 6P is still going strong. Good to see the soft launch happening now hopefully we will see them stay in Australia permanently

Luke Hartcher

Bought the 64GB in Slate to replace my Nexus 6P with a battery that now lasts 4 hours at best. Wife has the OnePlus 3T and loves it!

Do you have any indication of how the “soft launch” has performed? Obviously keen to see this evolve into a full time Aus outlet!

Luke Hartcher

UPDATE: Mine was delivered today, cant fault the delivery! Bad news is I am off work sick and it was delivered to my office. 🙁

Martin Leonard

Bought one (at 10am) for my wife to replace her Samsung Galaxy S5 – expecting her to be blown away! Shame I couldn’t justify replacing my Nexus 5x as well. Thanks for the heads up on the soft launch.


I’m looking forward to seeing how the Ausdroid guys think the Nokia 8 compares – also a (slightly) lower priced flagship, with stock android and hopefully a handy camera


Looks like a pretty good deal but bad timing with V30, Pixel 2 and Note 8 season approaching. I hope the soft launch sales go well but I’m holding out for now.

Phill Edwards

Bought 128GB slate grey. Shame about the UK plug but a small niggle in the overall scheme of things. Never thought I’d buy a OnePlus after their early marketing shenanigans but this looks like a great deal!

Anxious Buyer

Got mine 128 Midnight Black!

Jafar Calley

Is it dual SIM? Reason is I want a travel phone and the LG V20 can be had for low $400s at the moment.