Game studio Next Games has announced today that they’re moving into location based Augmented Reality games with a zombie themed Walking Dead game in partnership with AMC.

The game will be called The Walking Dead: Our World, and will see you walking through a world full of brain (and other body part) eating zombies on your Android (or iOS) device. The Walking Dead: Our World will be basically a more adult version of Pokemon Go, but based in the world of hit AMC show, The Walking Dead. It will feature characters from the Comics and Show including Rick, Daryl, Michonne and all your favourite characters.

The game trailer looks very cool, though exactly how much of the trailer will make it into the final game isn’t exactly clear.

Next Games says that the game will be based on Apple’s ARKit for iOS devices, but will also be available for Android though they haven’t made mention of Google’s new ARCore Augmented Reality platform.

No release date has been set as yet, with Next Games simply saying it’s ‘coming soon’. If this tickles your fancy you can sign up at to be notified when it goes live.

Source: Next Games.