Dendy has partnered with Foxtel to bring Australian and international film content from the theatre to your TV faster.

The selected titles will first be shown at Dendy theatres then be released almost simultaneously for digital streaming on both Dendy Direct and the Foxtel Store a week after finishing their theatrical run. The first film to receive the fast-track treatment is Australia Day from Brisbane based Hoodlum productions which stars Australian acting legend Bryan Brown. The film will arrive in cinemas on September 21st, before arriving on Foxtel Store and on Dendy Direct on September 27th.

Dendy and Foxtel will be announcing more content in the coming weeks, with what Dendy describes as ‘an exciting range of content from all over the world with a new title launching every fortnight’.

Foxtel’s Director of Content Ross Crowley said, ‘Foxtel is excited to be part of this initiative to bring selected movies into Australian homes even sooner.’

The dream has always been to get content to viewers faster, the ‘dead’ time between theatrical and home video/digital distribution can be quite extensive, and annoying for consumers. Foxtel and Dendy say that the distribution model will ‘contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Australian film industry by providing platform agnostic access for consumers to discover great Australian stories and ensuring these voices continue to resonate with the broadest possible audience.’

If you’re interested check in with the Foxtel Store or Dendy Direct on September 27th.

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    As someone who is almost never able to get to the cinema (unless it’s a film for kids) due to family commitments, this is great news. At least in principle. Unfortunately, it’s Foxtel, who I refuse to ever give any money to, and I’ve never heard of Dendy so how do we get to see these films?

    Phill Edwards

    Is Dendy Direct a subscription, or pay for what you use? I looked in Google Play for a Dendy app but couldn’t find one.