In the never ending fight to lure customers onto post-paid plans Virgin Mobile have today fired another shot offering data bonuses to customers who sign up to new plans with a new smashed avocado promotion.

Virgin Mobile from today are offering an up to 20GB data bonus if you “sign up or upgrade” to a new plan before 11 October. This is a great deal if you are already planning on signing up to Virgin Mobile but be aware that this is a ONCE OFF bonus and while the data does roll over until you use it all it is NOT a per month bonus. The bonus value differs depending on the size of the plan you sign up to; 10GB for $40, $45 and $55 phone plans, 15GB for $70 and $80 phone plans and 20GB for the $100 phone plan. All sim plans only get a 10GB data bonus.

While on the surface this seems like a great promotion we urge you to do your due diligence in determining if the ongoing plan is right for you. The Virgin Mobile data allowance is middle of the road when it comes to data allowances from Australian carriers. This bonus is only for a single slab of data, not ongoing. If this is for you head on over to the Virgin Mobile website and check out their offerings.

It is great to see carriers trying new things to entice new customers onto their networks because in the end we the customers win. Hopefully all carriers continue to increase data allowances because for sure we are continually requiring more and more.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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The funny thing is, I joined Virgin last year from Vodafone because I kept going over my allowance and Virgin gave me more data for the same money. Now, I’m thinking of going the other way because I can’t get enough signal during my commute to do anything useful. So, what’s the point of Virgin throwing 20Gb at users if they can’t even get a HSPA signal between Redfern and Ashfield?


Here’s an idea. How about adding more data and longer expiry to prepaid plans, for existing customers? Say 3GB with a 3 month expiry, for $20. Easiest way to win more customers is to not rip off the one’s you have.