If you’re looking for a new smartphone, you should also consider looking for a new phone plan. Contracts can be a pretty good option, but you can often get better value for money if you buy your device outright and take up a SIM-only deal.

While you have to pay for your phone upfront – which can be quite pricey, especially if you’re after a top-end Samsung or Pixel – you get a lot more flexibility with your phone plan. SIM-only options tend to offer a lot more data-for- dollar than plans that include a phone, and you’re not stuck on your data allowance for an entire two years.

We find 12-month contract plans offer the best value these days. You might not like the idea of any contract term, but bumper data inclusions speak for themselves.

Buying your phone outright also means you can consider great devices that you won’t find at any of our local telcos, such as the Moto E4, the OnePlus 5, or the Nokia 6.

Here are a couple of our favourite SIM-only plans around right now.

12GB for $50 a month on Telstra
Telstra is far from being the cheapest telco on the market, but if you’re happy to sign a 12-month contract, it’s currently running a great deal. $50 per month will get 12GB of data, unlimited talk and text, and unlimited international talk and text to 10 countries. You’ll also get a bonus six-month Apple Music subscription (which is data-free on Telstra), provided you haven’t used the offer before.

This offer runs until September 4.

5.5GB for $25 a month on Jeenee
Jeenee Mobile is a tiny telco with a big heart; in addition to offering great SIM-only plans, they reinvest part of their profits into helping those living with disability.

As part of a new recent plan refresh, Jeenee will give you extra data as a loyalty bonus. On the $25 plan, you’ll start out with 5.5GB, which gets bumped to 6GB after sux months, and to 6.5GB after a year. Or alternatively, you can sign a six-month or 12-month contract to get the bigger allowance upfront. If you sign a contract, Jeenee will also waive its $10 SIM delivery fee.

Jeenee is powered by Optus’ 4G network.

22GB for $60 a month on Virgin
When it comes to big data, it’s hard to look past Virgin. $60 per month on a 12-month contract will get you a massive 22GB, unlimited talk and text, and data rollover. If you sign up before October 11, you’ll get a one-off 10GB bonus for your first month. If you don’t use it, it will rollover to your second, but it’s gone after that.

There’s a no-contract version of the $60 plan available too, but you’ll only get 11GB per month.

10GB for $40 a recharge on Amaysim
Amaysim is always a reliable choice when it comes to bang-for- buck, and its current plan offering is tops. We’re quite partial to the telco’s Unlimited 10GB plan, which gives you unlimited talk and text and 10GB of data for $40.

It is however worth noting that each recharge only lasts 28 days, you’ll end up end up recharging roughly 13 times per year, rather than 12. There’s no contract on this plan though, so you can change whenever you want.

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    Yusuf I S

    Yep, chose this option after seeing how expensive it Note 8 plans are & deciding to keep the faithful Note 5 a bit longer. Got the Telstra $59 sim only plan with 15 gig, asked for a $10 discount. Got it now for $49 a month. Plus Telstra mobile rocks over the others.


    These are very handy articles. I was actually looking at whistleout last night for NBN plans as well, and thought the website was well set up.
    One another note, I couldn’t work out what to look for if I just wanted a data plan (with no calls). So using some Wifi gizmo I guess so I could use it as a hotspot for my android WiFi device.

    Philip Clark

    Boost deserves a mention – Telstra network, which is really the only one worth bothering with at the moment if you go anywhere outside cities, $40/m gets you 11gb (5gb weekdays, 2gb additional each weekend) and no contract.

    Phill Edwards

    I really wanted to sign up one with Jeenee but they were incapable of of setting up my account. I tried to be patient but they were so disorganised I had to cancel. I hope they have sorted their act out now, because this was about a year ago.

    Yianni Soc

    I went from Amaysim, to Vodafone to Telstra over the last 3 weeks. Settled on the $50 for 12gb Mx plan from Telstra.
    At my house, the shops,the Snow I had no reception (data or calls) with Amaysim and vodafone. My mates on telstra had full bars and data (and plenty of laughing at me).
    Telstra had the best data, bang for buck and quality.


    “sux months” (Jeenee). C’mon guys, run your posts through a spell check! Good article though, nice change from just handset news.


    She’s from New Zealand. 🙂


    I’m with lebara and I get unlimited calls and text anytime 10gb of data for $29.90.

    Yusuf I S

    Counted by the Kb or Mb?

    Allan Thomas

    Kogan Mobile leaves the above offers for dead.
    14 GB – 30 days – $49.90
    14 GB/month for 365 days, prepaid – $529.90
    I paid $370.93 for the 365 day deal last March. Kogan have these deals on special from time to time so it’s worth looking out for them.


    Optus 14gb for $40, and if you are student then $36

    Anthony Klun

    No love for Optus? I scored 15Gb for $40 on a promotion a few weeks ago which is now down to 14Gb but still pretty good. The are also the only ones at the moment offering WiFi calling. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Optus in any way..


    Yes I know! Way better deals then the others.